Lost & Found Pets

Mini Dobermann Pinscher
Boy kissing and stroking cat, cat has eyes closed while he enjoys the love.

View Stray/Found Animals

All animals currently in our facility may not be listed (i.e. quarantined, evidence/investigation hold, or cautionary animals are not listed) . Also the pictures and descriptions may not accurately depict your missing pet. Please come to our facility to accurately identify your missing pet(s). If you believe your pet is in our care please call 510-790-6630 or e-mail animalservices@fremont.gov to make arrangements so you can redeem your pet.

Lost Pets

  • If you have lost a pet, we recommend you visit the shelter in person.
  • Stray animals without identification are held for 4 shelter business days and animals with a license are held a minimum of 10 calendar days.
  • To reclaim your pet, you must have personal identification, your pet’s records (license, rabies certificate), a photograph of your pet, and be at least 18 years old.
  • Fees for service will be charged to claim your pet.

After you file a Lost Pet Report, staff will check lost pet reports for any possible matches and call if there is a match. Please be advised the information you provide in this report is open to the public on the lost pets page.

Lost Pet Suggestions

  • Fill out the Animal Services online Lost Pet Report.
  • Look for your pet immediately; ask the mail carrier, delivery driver, and look on NextDoor
  • Check the found reports.
  • Visit the animal shelter at least every other day. Keep checking all local shelters; many people keep lost pets for weeks before turning them in.
  • Ask to see the list of dead animals that have been picked up, and about animals being held in the quarantine area or taken to the vet.
  • On the days you do not visit the shelter, search online for animals in local shelters via PetHarbor
  • Post lost pet notices on bulletin boards in libraries, stores, laundromats, and other community announcement areas.

Found Pets

  • You may bring the animal to the Shelter during open hours or call (510) 790-6635 to request it be picked up by Animal Services. Animal Services Officers do not pick up stray cats.
  • There is no after-hours drop box available at the shelter
  • If you have found a stray but wish to hold onto the animal, Fremont City Ordinance requires that the finder notify the animal shelter within eight hours. Notify us that you have found a stray animal by completing a Found Pet Report. Please note this report is not a request for service, and if the animal is brought to the shelter, notify staff you filed a Found Pet Report to avoid creating a duplicate record of the animal.
  • If you have kept the found animal for approximately 30 days, it is now considered your property and you are responsible for licensing and caring for it.