Cute 4 week old kitten with his paws up, peeking out of a cloth basket.

If you are an experienced bottle feeder or are interested in helping to foster an older kitten (4 weeks and up), please come by during our open hours to meet our team and fill out this application. If you absolutely can’t make it during those hours, please e-mail us but priority will be given to people who come in.

The amount of time that kittens are in your care varies from two to seven weeks, depending on how young the kittens are when you start fostering them. Kittens must be kept separate from your resident pets – using a spare bedroom or bathroom for your foster kittens is ideal.

We provide initial food and litter and can loan you a kitchen scale (to weigh your kittens) and a heat pad. We also provide medical support to your foster kittens. You must be able to transport your kittens (at your expense) to the shelter every 2-3 weeks for vaccinations, and more frequently if your foster kitten falls ill. If your kitten needs medication, you may be required to administer oral medications or eye ointments.

Support our foster families by making an in-kind donation:

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