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  • Animal Services Officer
  • Administrative
  • Veterinary Technician

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  • Public Service Assistant II (Animal Care) age 16 and over
  • Public Service Assistant II (Customer Service)

Testimonies from our Staff

Aly with Kenai

Aly, Office Specialist

I love my job! Working with animals everyday? YES. Our goal at the animal shelter is to reunite pets with their owners and seeing those moments happen it’s such warm feeling. The best feeling, however, is seeing animals go to a new loving home. That little sparkle in their eyes – you know they know they’re not alone and will be loved more so than they have ever been. Being able to help the ones without voices warms my heart, especially the most terrified ones that turn around and have complete opposite personalities from when they first came through the door. It’s incredibly rewarding. Yes, this field is an emotional roller coaster and can be stressful at times. But being in an environment where we all colleagues support each other even in their own personal lives lets you know that you are with the right people at the right place.